Just a Swingin’ on My Porch

How many of you remember the song “Just a Swingin” by John Anderson – 1983?  This used to be a favorite of Rick (my husband) and myself.  Yes crazy!  Click the link above to enjoy the video in the comfort of your own home.

What could be better than swingin’ on a porch swing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I recall our first relocation to another town.  The girls wanted us to look for a house with a porch.  They thought that would be the coolest.  We did end up with a house with a front porch but it was too narrow to hang a porch swing.  Many years later and several houses down the road we have a porch swing.  Sadly the girls no longer live with us but secretly it is my way to get them to come see us.  🙂

Courtney with her friend Heather enjoying time together before Courtney's trip to Argentina.
Courtney with her friend Heather enjoying time together before Courtney’s trip to Argentina.

I have included some pictures I pinned to my Pinterest boards while dreaming of a porch swing.  We purchased our swing in the spring, oh that rhymes, and now I am just waiting for time to make it comfy and fun.

Comfy porch swing

Rustic porch swing

Porch swing


Do you have a porch swing?  Tell me about it.

Just keep on Swingin’!

Sonya Kay

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