¡Viva Argentina! – Seasons

For those of you who may not know their geography, Argentina is in the southern hemisphere which means only one thing to this girl – a second winter is in my future!

That’s right, Argentina will actually be experiencing winter while I am there in June and July. You thought our very extended winter was painful? Well, at least you will get to enjoy the warmth of summer here in the US. I, on the other hand, will be privileged enough to experience two winters!

Winter tree Spring TreeSummer TreeFall tree

Don’t feel too sorry for me yet because the region of Argentina that I will be in will average winter temperatures around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. So I won’t be wearing shorts or t-shirts, but a winter coat will thankfully not be necessary! Just remember me when it reaches 100 degrees in good ole Nebraska… you will actually probably wish you were in my shoes.


Brief funding update: I’ve officially made it to the halfway point! There is only $2,500 more that I am trusting God to provide for me. If you are still considering partnering with me in this ministry opportunity, don’t wait too long to jump on board. I need to be 80% funded by May 12, which means I am asking you to send your gift in by May 5th in order for it to be in my account by the deadline.

Contribute by clicking here to go to The Navigators’ website. Click on the “Donate” tab at the top of the page. Type in either my name or ID number (23820071) to directly support this opportunity. Please send your gifts by May 5th. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your continued prayer, support and interest in this ministry opportunity that God has provided me with. I will keep you updated as the journey unfolds!

~Courtney Rose~

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