Pow Wow Quilt

Pow Wow Quilt FabricAll those gorgeous fabrics are going to turn into the Pow Wow Quilt by Allison Harris over at Cluck Cluck Sew.

I finished up the top of my previous quilting project shortly after buying this fabric. I told myself I couldn’t start on this until it was finished, but this way I can quilt them at the same time, right?!

I just finished cutting out all the squares for my quilt top. So far I am really enjoying Allison’s PDF file. She has clear instructions and many diagrams for clarification. The amount of fabric needed was very accurate as well – something that because of my lack of storage, I can really appreciate. It seems that so often I end up with tons of extra fabric from projects!

Pow Wow Quilt Cutting

Cutting out is always my least favorite part. Now I have all my pieces cut out and they are ready to be pieced into the quilt blocks. Time to get out the sewing machine!

What is your least favorite part of assembling a quilt?

Alexandrea Nicole