Sorority Girl – Nifty Knit Scarf

More and more often these days, I am running into other college girls who knit! It is quite shocking to me because when I whipped out my knitting needles freshman year in the sorority house, everyone gave me a crazy look. Many were interested in learning, others commented on how their mom or grandmother tried teaching them once, but very few girls actually knitted as a hobby. Since then, however, I have met many other college-aged girls who knit, which I think is pretty cool.


What I find most interesting about these new knitters is that most of them only seem to know one stitch. Most of them are creating scarves quite efficiently, but they  are only using the knit stitch to do so.

There are so many more interesting things to do with knitting if you know more than one stitch. Numerous patterns are out there and the creativity is endless!

As a quick example of the endless possibilities that we have access to,  I whipped up this chunky scarf using a pattern that I made up as I went!

So for all of you beginning knitters, here is a simple scarf to try out!

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I used Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA – Los Angeles Tan (Super Bulky Weight) and size 11 (8mm) knitting needles.

After casting on 18 stitches, I used the  garter stitch for 7 rows. The garter stitch is what most beginning knitters are actually doing whether they realize it or not. The garter stitch is quite simply using the knit stitch for every row, creating a series of ridges.

Then I used the stockinette stitch for another 7 rows. In order to use the stockinette stitch, you must first learn the purl stitch. After learning how to purl, you are set to use the stockinette stitch. This stitch is just alternating between the knit stitch and the purl stitch for each row; you will have a knit row followed by a purl row. This pattern creates a right side and a wrong side and is quite pretty.

Once I reached the desired length (2 full skeins), I cast off, wove the ends in and voila! I now have a nifty new knitted scarf created especially by me and for me! I love the way this one turned out because the pattern really spices up the neutral color and it’s super warm!

What has been your favorite scarf project or biggest knitting frustration?

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