Wedding Edition: One Week Left!

One week from to day I will be Mrs. Nathan Palatsky! Crazy right? I am so excited to start this new stage of my life serving God with my husband. I just hope he feels the same!

With the big day being on one week away, I realized I needed to organize decorations, supplies, and an emergency kit to make sure everything gets to the ceremony and reception site. Oh and I also have to bring some of the presents we received early. The ceremony site is two hours away so I must make sure I don’t forget anything!

Today was my least favorite part of the whole wedding preparations. So tedious!

I started by dividing items into ceremony, reception, decorations, and supplies. Honestly I didn’t have a great system. I just tried to keep similar items together, for example, the florals and extra floral supplies. I’m so glad the end of this preparing is near!

With one week left I have a prayer request. Three people involved in the wedding are sick: our pastor, flower girl, and ring bearer (all of the same family). Please pray that their entire family gets well soon.

I will be posting again on Thursday so check back!

Mackenzie Grace