Christmas is Less than a Week Away!

image(2)Now that we are down to the final days, it is time to get all that present wrapping done! I spent the day wrapping the presents I have for others as well as my parents’ gifts for the family. (I have known what almost everyone in my family is receiving for the last three years because I end up wrapping them.)

imageToday I have a couple of secrets to share with you. We haven’t bought wrapping paper for at least four years. When we first purchased the paper we probably had five different patterns. So of course that alone would help it last. The main reason the paper has lasted so long is because of our shoe boxes. The very first year we wrapped several shoe boxes and lids to be reused year after year. We even store ribbon in the individual boxes to add the finishing touch on each present.

After wrapping all the presents, we are officially down to the last bit of two rolls of wrapping paper. Looks like next year we will be changing it up!

image(1)Alright the second (not so secret) secret are printable gift tags. There are so many free patterns online to match any wrapping paper! The ones I used this year can be found on Scrapologie. She found them on Victoria Magazine but the link she has to it no longer works. To find other free printables all you have to do is search for them! Good luck on your wrapping!

Mackenzie Grace