Wedding Edition: Flowers

It’s official my weekends will become wedding mania. Well… that has already started… I have a lot of great ideas running through my head for what I want the ceremony and reception to look like. Obviously I will share everything with you as I work on projects! I just hope everything will turn out similar to my plan!

This post probably won’t be all that exciting considering all I did was cut flowers, but hey I am now really good at using wire cutters! (Sixty-three stems later)

 We are planning on a maximum of 175 guests so we are working with twenty eight-foot rectangular tables. After measuring the hall, I have a layout decided! With it in mind I also have a centerpiece concept. I bought hydrangeas (orange, red, and white) to be placed in quart size mason jars. I also want to have one large tissue paper pom-pom placed in between two jars with tiny flower pom-poms sprinkled around. The twist is that I want to paint the jars blue (similar to the antique ones but more vibrant). I will have the jars completely ready for you next time around!

Mackenzie Grace