Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day is 1 month away! I’ve noticed that wreaths are very popular these days and decided to jump on the band wagon. Here’s my version of a Valentine’s wreath. It even coordinates with the table runner in my post yesterday!

Here’s how I made it –


  • 12″ Styrofoam wreath
  • 2 skeins yarn ( I only ended up using 1)
  • 8.5 x 12 sheet of felt
  • miscellaneous ribbon ( I used whatever I found in my stash)
  • puffy hearts ( I found these in the Target dollar aisle)
  • glue gun
  • scissors

I started by tying the yarn around the wreath as tight as I could without making an indent in the styrofoam. I put a dot of hot glue on the knot and let they dry . This would hole the yarn in place. I wound the yarn tightly around the entire wreath – this was by far the most time consuming part!

I secured the tail of the yard right next to my original knot – and you guessed it – another dot of glue. My attached embellishments were attache atop this spot too. That way everything was concealed.

I made a felt heart and stuffed it with tissues – it’s just what I had on hand. I pinked the edges to finish them off.

Because I wanted my wreath to hand lower out of the way from the knocker and the peep-hole, I attached it to the wreath hook with coordinating ribbon tied in a bow.

I’m happy with my first wreath. It was so easy I just might do it again for another holiday or occasion!


Alexandrea Nicle