5 Things on My Fall Bucket List

There is nothing more fun than on a cool autumn day, raking all the fallen leaves into piles and letting the kids run and jump in them.  I can almost hear the exciting screams and giggles as I write about this memory.  After an afternoon of tossing in the leaves,[Read more]

2014 Summer Bucket List

School’s Out for the Summer! This teacher is ready to dive into summer! So many things I want/need to do it’s going to go so fast! As the maker of lists, I just couldn’t help myself but make a summer bucket list. I did this last year too. It helps[Read more]

Date Night: Summer Bucket List

This is the first summer that Jake and I have spent together in Lincoln. We decided there were several things we wanted to accomplish together. On one of our date nights we created a Summer 2013 Bucket List! Check it out: It was fun to talk about what we could[Read more]