Knitting in Pantone’s Fall 2014 Fashion Colors

Birthday gifts – you would think someone who likes to knit and crochet would always have in mind upcoming birthday, showers, weddings, etc. Nope – my mind doesn’t seem to work that way so from now on I vow to put these things on a list so that I can anticipate them better – Ha!

I did recently, however, have a young man, sweet to my heart, with a first birthday and managed to knit him a sweater.  He has a summer birthday but I wanted to make something for this fall.  In my earlier post this week I talked about the Pantone’s fall 2014 fashion colors.  The yarn I chose was gray but I think you could safely say it is closely related to Pantone’s Aluminum found in the fall 2014 palette.  Check out Vogue Knitting’s nice splash chart of the fall colors.

Image: Vogue Knitting
Image: Vogue Knitting

Below is a picture of all the pieces I knitted for the baby sweater before sewing them together.  I used a pattern by Lion Brand – Heirloom Cables Baby Sweater. Skill level is for advanced intermediate.

Baby Sweater Pieces by

This close-up picture shows the cables.  They are a simple 4 stitch cable.

Baby Sweater Cables Close-up by

The finished sweater has 5 buttons for closer and a rolled collar for warmth.  I used a soft acrylic yarn for easy care.

Cabled Baby Sweater by

This was a simple project and took less than a week of my spare time to finish.  I will consider doing this pattern again.

What colors are you knitting with this fall?  I really want to make something with cypress.

Sonya Kay

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