Mud Boots and Flowers

I finally feel like it is summer! I finished my first year of college the beginning of May, but then jumped right into two summer classes the following week. I have been done for two weeks now and I am FINALLY  getting into the summer groove.

I know it has been a month since Mother’s Day, but I wanted to share flowers we potted that weekend. Nathan and I surprised my mom for the afternoon. (I always forget to call or buy a card so I figured a visit would be a gift!) I am so thankful that for this season of life they are only 2 hours away! It’s a nice get-a-way every once in a while.

Mud Boots and FlowersAnyway, I have been wanting to pot some flowers for a while now, but never got around to buying a pot. My mother is so wonderful that she shared one of hers that she isn’t using with me! Of course, I had to climb the ladder to the attic to get it, but I’m so glad I did because I found my old yellow mud boots from when I was 8. When I grew out of them, we potted flowers in one of them. So I decided, since they were mine after all, I should use both to add some playfulness to our entrance.

Mud Boots and Flowers 2


So glad I took them home with me! Brings back some great childhood memories of the great outdoors.

Mackenzie Grace

Do you have any creative ideas for adding plants to your outdoor space?

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