Quick & Cute Verse Packs

As the end of the semester approaches, my Wednesday night Bible study has come to an end. We’ve been digging into Ephesians, and I’ve loved learning from each girl’s varying perspectives. We’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot, and loved a lot! Let’s just say that we named our group “God’s Little Bunny Trails” because we are known for taking the scenic route when discussing our study. However, in our defense we added the subtitle “All of our trails lead back to Him” because 90% of our tangents were still related to studying the Bible and growing in our relationships with God… they just weren’t always pertinent to Ephesians.

Last Wednesday was our final meeting, and although it was bittersweet to come to the end, it was incredibly encouraging to hear what God has been teaching everyone! Because I am student teaching in the fall, I will not be able to lead a Bible study next year, nor will I be able to be near as involved with The Navigators or these girls’ lives. I really did feel like this was a final farewell of sorts, so I chose to send each of my girls away with a little note and a gift.

Verse Packs 1I thought a fitting gift would be these verse packs. The girls can write down new scripture memory in these handy packs to flip through as they memorize and review!

I was actually inspired to make these by Josie Clark, who was making some for her college friends while I was visiting with her mom, Machelle. If I remember correctly, Josie’s packs were a little more elaborate than mine, with stickers and such, but I was running short on time and chose the simple route.Verse Pack 2

What you need:

A spiral bound pack of index cards

Scrapbook paper

Scissors or paper cutter



What you do:

Cut the scrapbook book paper to the appropriate size. I measured my index card pack using my paper cutter, but you could use a ruler.

Glue the paper to the front of the pack.

Cut a strip of paper large enough to write a name on it. In my case, I cut the strip to fit the length of the pack and then whatever width looked nice against the background paper.

Glue the name strip to the background paper.

Use a sharpie or fun marker to write the name on your new verse pack.

Start writing scripture memory inside!

Verse Pack 3

I left my girls with the following parting scripture passage for them to memorize and wrote it in each of their packs to start them off:

Ephesian 6:19-20 Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.

Bible Study

Thank you for an amazing senior year, ladies! I will still be praying for you all!

~Courtney Rose~

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