Project Bookshelf – Time to pack!

So it may just be the stage of life I’m in, but I always seem to be moving. Since starting college in 2009, I’ve moved somewhere around 8 or 9 times (including in and out of the dorms at the beginning/ends of years). I have one semester of college of left, and I’m moving one more time!

Bookcase 1

This time is a little different though. Instead of moving to another apartment, I will be moving all that my apartment contains to a storage unit. Because my Argentina trip is filling 2 months of my summer, there is no need for an apartment over the next few months. Then in the fall I will be living with the Clark family, and therefore I won’t be needing my furniture.

It’s a weird feeling trying to basically pack my life away for the next 6 months or so of my life, but also kind of exciting. Not only do I get to purge the nonessential items from my life, but it is also an opportunity to organize!

And I love organization!Bookcase 2

However, I’m most broken up over the need to pack ALL of my book collection, which may have gotten out of hand in recent years since moving to an apartment and buying/filling two bookcases.  However, I am also probably the most excited over the chance to organize and catalogue my books while packing!

File boxesMom and Dad were kind enough to pick up some smaller cardboard filing boxes to prevent broken backs during the move, so this week I’m tackling “Project Bookshelf” and tearfully retiring my books to their new homes for the foreseeable future.

I will keep you updated with the final outcome of how many of the 8 boxes I use… did I mention that my parents have opted out of this move? For some reason they aren’t enthused about the heavy lifting. Thankfully, some very lovely friends of mine have agreed to help with the job and may be rewarded with baked goods!

~Courtney Rose~

Do you have any hints or tips for packing not simply to move but to move to a storage unit? I’d love the help of those more experienced than me!

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