Coming Soon: New Apartment

Exciting (Stressful) News – We’re Moving!

Exciting: I have been wanting to move for some time now. Although the size of our new apartment is roughly the same, it is much nicer. Nicer closets, nicer kitchen, nicer neighborhood. Nicer. The location will also cut a lot of time off my commute as it is on the east side of town. I love to decorate. This gives me an opportunity to evaluate all of my previous furniture and home decor choices and decide what stays and what goes. I can think of a few projects that just might wind their way here to the blog.

Stressful: Could we have picked a worse time to move? Probably not! We won’t move until the end of May. At that point I will still be in school. We have at least 3 college graduations to attend, and we are both in a wedding. Will we be able to find the time to pack and haul things to the new place? We also have to face the fact that we have a lot of stuff. More stuff than two people should have! Hoarding tendencies? I don’t think so. But each of us has our own hobbies, which come with their own set of supplies.

HELP! I am looking for some moving and packing tips. What can I do to make this go more smoothly and be less stressful for everyone involved?

Alexandrea Nicole