Hand Knitted Socks

I was asked not so long ago, “how many pairs of socks have you made?”  I honestly didn’t know the answer.  I started to knit again after putting my needles down for over a decade.  It was all prompted by the ice storm of Dec. 2006.  Our part of the country was hit with a devastating storm.  We were without electricity for a couple of days but others were in the dark for a week or more.  Fortunately our house had a wood fireplace and we all gathered in the “hearth room” to stay warm.  As boredom set in I decided to trek up to the attic and pull out all my stashed yarn and needles.  I helped the girls learn to knit over the next several hours and we were hooked, or should I say needled.  Actually, we all like to crochet too.

Wool socks hanging to dry
Wool socks hanging to dry

After the storm, I started investigating projects to knit.  I kept seeing sock patterns everywhere I turned and decided I would take on the challenge.  You see, I had never made socks before. I had never used such tiny yarn and I had no understanding of double-pointed needles. Thanks to the Internet and all the helpful web sites and videos available, my first socks turned out ok.  I knew they weren’t perfect but they were wearable, woolly and warm.   On to my next pair to improve my technique.  I found myself knitting while watching tv in the evening and they were easy to travel with so my knitting bag went everywhere I went.  My first socks took about a month to make.  As time passed I could get a pair done in 2 weeks if I was diligent and the pattern was simple.

After 6 years of knitting socks, I would guestimate that I have made 30+ pairs.  I wear them almost every day in the winter and my feet never get cold (most are made out of wool yarn).  My favorite pair is made from a colorful variegated lace yarn by Poems.  The pattern I used is Spring Forward by Linda Welch.   They are in the picture above on the right end.

Have you ever knitted socks?