Wedding Edition: Tissue Paper

I have begun the slow process of tissue paper pom-poms. I am almost done with my centerpieces! I don’t have ALL of the pom-poms complete but I do have the majority of the table poms ready for the week of. I am only 105 days away from the big day!

Alright let’s get down to business-centerpieces! Each table set will have one medium flower pom in the center and ten small flower poms scattered across the table. The colors will depend on the flowers in the mason jars so for red flowers, the center pom will be orange and the smaller ones blue. I have decided on a beige tablecloth because I don’t want the stark white, and I think it will be more inviting.

I searched ways to make flower pom-poms and they were all pretty close to the same. The supplies I chose to use:
• Tissue Paper
• Scissors
• Yarn

For the center poms I used four layers of tissue paper. I cut them in half twice and then folded them accordion style 1 inch wide. Then I folded the paper in half creasing it. Using the scissors I cut slits on both side of the crease-do not cut in half, about a ¼ inch in. I then tied the yarn tightly around the center.

I rounded most of my ends, but you could also make a pointed end like the one below. The last thing I did was pull the layers apart.

The last step just took time to adjust the layers until I liked how the flower looked. For the smaller pom-poms I cut them in half several times. I cut them down to about 5×5” squares and followed the same steps.

I only pulled apart the small poms because the larger ones will take up too much space. For now they will all be stored in a box until the day. The day or two before I am hoping for some help pulling the rest apart!

Mackenzie Grace