Speech Meet Socks Finished

Waterfall Socks

Don’t you love it when you finish a project?  Well I have finished my “Speech Meet” Socks.  I started these socks in January with the intention of working on them during down time at my daughter Mackenzie’s speech meets.  Well, she was often performing both sessions in each round so I did not have much down time to knit.  Needless to say I spent time knitting during the evening to get these finished.  The pattern I used was Waterfall Socks by Wendy D. Johnson which I found on Ravelry, a knitting & crochet online community.  The yarn I used was Paton Socks – Blue Brown Marl Rag Shades.  This is the second time I have knitted this toe-up pattern.  It is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of concentration which was perfect for my need to take and go.

I have already started a new pair of socks.  I hope to get them done by the end of February and post my results in a couple of weeks. Yikes! did I say a couple of weeks?