All I See are Poppies!

Wow! This has been such a crazy week! March is always a month during which I’m barely ever at school. This week we had a snow on Tuesday which gave me time to do a lot of painting! Thursday we were let out early because our boys’ basketball team made it to state and Friday we had no school due to the tournament! I thought I better post now because later today I am headed to watch the boys’ in the championship game! Go Whippets!

The finished product!

A few years ago I gave my mother a food tray for Christmas. I thought then she could paint it or stencil it herself. Well about five years later it still isn’t done! About a month ago she asked me to paint it to coordinate with her other poppy paintings we have throughout our house and I have been leaving it on the back burner until this week. On Tuesday during my snow day, I got the tray out thinking I would just paint a background so that I have it started, but once I started painting I just couldn’t stop! Before I knew it I had finished the project and it only took me an hour or so! Now I’m in a great mood to start and finish new projects so this month should be pretty productive! Don’t you just love that feeling? You’ll have to check back in and find out what I get finished!

Mackenzie Grace