Meet the Author: Courtney Rose

Alpha Omicron Pi Colony Pins
Image by cryptic_star via Flickr

Hello all!  I would like to introduce myself as the monkey in the middle of our trio of sisters.  Most would call me the typical middle child: quiet and sensitive to the emotions of others.  This is true in most cases, but my sisters know that I can stir up some trouble if I get a little bored.  Growing up as a middle child gives me a different outlook on life than most.  I have had the opportunity to witness or experience both sides of the spectrum and have learned to respect them both.  When coming up with ideas for projects and trying to involve others, it is easier for me to see where people’s talents will fit in to the end product.  Some may say that I care too much about what others think, but I see it as being sensitive to their feelings.  Anyways, as we begin to tackle our blog, my mind wanders to how each woman fits into this project.  We are each only a piece to this puzzle, and it will be up to us to fit together and make this blog a success.

A bit of a bio of myself: I am a Senior at UNK majoring in English and Spanish Secondary Education.  I get to use my creativity when creating things for my sorority or in the craftiness that is my life.