Groom Portraits

Sometimes getting your picture taking can be stressful. I know several people who, as soon as a camera is taken out, ducks behind someone to get out of the line of fire. Nathan is actually one of those people. Luckily he was very willing for our engagement and weddings photographs![Read more]

In the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

As many of you know, I have been married just under 2 months. Earlier this week I got a sweet surprise in the mailbox. Pictures! Nathan and I were so excited to look at them that we quickly flipped through before he had to leave for work. We took more[Read more]

Preserving Memories

As some of you may know, one of the projects that I am working on this summer is to digitally scrapbook our wedding photos and print an album before our first anniversary. I have been practicing and learning new skills in photoshop. So now I had this urge to go[Read more]

Wedding Scrapbook 1

I have a HUGE amount of pictures from our wedding that I want to digitally scrapbook. I’m fairly sure I’ve already mentioned this. My plan once I have all the pages created to to print it into a hardcover 8×11 book. I am still learning everything that I am capable[Read more]

Graduation Announcement

I went home to spend a few days with family during Spring Break. I won’t say too much about what was taking place in hopes that maybe Mackenzie will share with you. Anyway, I did get some crafty projects done – or at least in made progress on them. Kenz[Read more]