Weekend Project: Free Easy Knit Blanket Pattern

Looking for a quick project for the weekend?  Maybe you need a wedding gift like I did. With a few weddings approaching quickly I headed to the store in search of a thick yarn.  Lion Brand’s Homespun Thick & Quick was my choice, super bulky (6) weight and oh so[Read more]

Sock Pattern Book is Like a Well Used Cookbook

Does anyone else’s washing machine or clothes dryer eat socks (only one of the pair of course)?  Where do they go? The last sock I was missing was a hand knitted sock which caused me great sadness.  The next time I did laundry I began to think – sometimes items[Read more]

Afghan Warmth

How many of you work on multiple projects simultaneously?  Sometimes that is called procrastination but in this case I worked on two afghans at the same time out of necessity (to keep me sane).  Afghans take time and doing the same pattern for hours can get a bit boring, so[Read more]

Meeting Adjourned!

All the Nelsen kids and spouses (except Jake – had to study) converged at the Nelsen Family home this past weekend.  Alex arrived on Friday while Courtney, Mackenzie and Nathan arrived early Saturday morning.  What was the occasion you ask?  It was a scheduled “family meeting” – no, we weren’t[Read more]

Mother of the Bride

Once again I find myself titled “Mother of the Bride.” With the wedding of our third daughter quickly approaching (3 days away) I have a moment to ponder. God has blessed my husband and I with three beautiful daughters. We have seen them grow through many stages in their lives[Read more]

Goodies for Christmas Holiday Party

Christmas like all other holidays gives us an excuse to practice hospitality.  Here is a menu for Rick’s office party. Jalapeño Jelly Cream Cheese Spread and crackers “Dilly”icious Gourmet Dill Dip and vegetable tray 7-Layer Mexican Dip and tortilla chips Peanut Butter Crispy Balls Peanut Brittle Molasses Sugar Cookies Chocolate covered[Read more]

Tragedy in Connecticut

A heartfelt sorrow goes out to all the families and friends of loved ones killed in the tragic shooting in Newton, Connecticut this morning.  I can’t even pretend to know the grief one feels under such horrific circumstances.  May God surround them with His love as they process the details[Read more]

On Top of the World Day

Do you ever have those days when you can do or accomplish anything.  You are on top of the world being productive and doing it well.  The stars must be alined, right.  Well, that isn’t really the case if you are a Christian.  All is well because of the grace[Read more]