Project Life 2014 Weeks 1 – 4

So behind! Here are the first four weeks of the year. I am proud of myself for making it this far with project life! Every night before bed, I take the time to jot down a few of the exciting things that happened during the day. Some weeks are certainly more exciting than other – and I need to be better at taking “random” pictures – but so far so good! I originally wanted to do a double spread for each week. However, some weeks are just more exciting than others. Just a fact of life! So I’m okay if a few weeks only fill up one page (like weeks 3 & 4 here!)

week 1:

week 1 project life 2014

week 2:

week 2 project life 2014

week 3 & 4:

week 3 & 4 project life 2014

How are your memory keeping endeavors going this far into the new year?


Alexandrea Nicole