Wedding Edition: It’s been a Week!

I have been Mrs. Palatsky for a week now and it’s a good life. Well… if you take away the fact that Monday (two days later) I had to go to school. Oh and then my car wouldn’t start so I power walked to class and made it right before my professor started talking. Did I mention that I ended the night with a fever? Yes the second day of marriage showed us what the rest of our life would be like, EVERYDAY LIFE.

Tuesday started worse than Monday. I had a high fever and four classes to miss. My dear husband called student health to set up an appointment. I slept until noon, every college student’s life, and tried to eat. Nathan was working so I had to drive myself to campus. Guess what? After charging my battery the previous day, it chose not to start, again. I called Courtney (she lives 4 blocks away) but she was at work. My only choice was to walk to the office at University Heights and ask my RA for a ride. No way I was going to walk to campus sick.

With prescribed medicine I am doing much better! Nathan has been a great husband taking care of me. Last night we finally had a chance to spend time together. No sickness, no worries about vehicles, just the two of us. We even got to try out our new waffle iron! Unfortunately, I threw up my supper right after our movie ended.

Although the first week of marriage was not quite what I was expecting, I am so thankful to God for bringing Nathan and I together. I can’t wait to see what he has in store!

DSCN4395Oh I almost forgot! Here is a sneak peak of what the Ceremony and Reception looked like 🙂 I can’t wait to share more pictures of it soon!!

Mackenzie Grace