Rockin’ the Side “Pony”

In honor of my father on this blessed day I will be “Rockin’ the Side Ponytail.” Although I will not get to spend time with him today, I am honoring him with my hair-do.  Growing up with three daughters, my father spent a fair share of time playing hairdresser.  To our disappointment, our pigtails were always lopsided when he was in charge.  After many failed attempts, he finally landed on a hair style that suited his skills: the “side pony.”  Who cares if it’s crooked?! It was intended to be off to one side of our heads!  Thank you, Dad, for putting up with all of our whining, complaining, laughing, and crying through the years.  We wouldn’t have turned out so swell without your love and hairdressing skills!

Happy Father’s Day!


~Courtney Rose~