The never ending project is finished!

Never Ending Project Done!

You know those projects that you start, and then they never get finished? The ones that you set aside to do a new and more cool project, then when you finish that new project, you don’t have the energy or motivation to return to it? Well, if you don’t, I[Read more]

Christmas Crafting

DIY Bracelets

~”Oh the weather outside is frightful but craft time is so delightful!”~ When we are not preparing the holiday meals, us Nelsen’s enjoy some crafting during Christmastime. This year Alex brought some beadwork with her so that we could all make bracelets together.  Initially, we thought we would just be[Read more]

summer satisfaction

Wow! I have been a busy bee lately. Many of my projects or to-dos have come full circle recently. I am excited to share some projects with you; however, I can’t upload any pictures from my camera. Rather than try to explain to you what I’ve been doing, I’ll just[Read more]

eyes the size of dinner plates

I am a fairly ambitious person, and when it comes to diy projects, I don’t scare from a challenge. However, I can go a little overboard with the number of projects that are on my plate at once! I’m too embarrassed to show you a list of everything that I[Read more]

Sorority Girl: Craft Time with Courtney

nifty knit Cowl Scarf

Now don’t deny that when you hear the words “sorority” and “girl” in the same sentence that images from Legally Blonde and Sydney White pop into your head!  Well I hate to break it to you all, but once again not everything that happens in the movies happens in real[Read more]