I’m a Big Girl Now!

"Big Girl Bed"

Renting your first apartment is one of those milestones in life.  I have just recently had the opportunity to check this milestone off my list as I signed the lease to my first apartment.  Let me just tell you that with that pen in my hand I truly felt like[Read more]

Meet the Author: Mackenzie Grace

Mackenzie Grace

Hello! I am the baby of the family and although this blog was not originally my idea, I am excited to begin.  I am currently a Junior in High School and cannot wait to graduate next year! I am very involved and probably a little too busy for a person[Read more]

Meet the Author: Courtney Rose

Courtney Rose

Hello all!  I would like to introduce myself as the monkey in the middle of our trio of sisters.  Most would call me the typical middle child: quiet and sensitive to the emotions of others.  This is true in most cases, but my sisters know that I can stir up[Read more]

Meet the Author: Alexandrea Nicole

Alexandrea Nicole

Hey there! I guess this is where I tell ya a little bit about myself…so here’s the scoop: I am the oldest. That being said…I sure do act like it (most of the time)! Creativity comes naturally to me. Sewing and decorating are some of my favorite things to do.[Read more]

Meet the Author: Sonya Kay

Sonya Kay

Welcome to Grace Elizabeth’s Blog.   My three daughters are joining me in authoring this blog.  We love creating and designing with each having her own style.  We are excited about starting this blog to share our discoveries with you our reader.  So check back often and explore with us. Grace[Read more]