Funky New Knit Pattern Available as FREE Download this Week!

I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my little apartment. I want to make it feel more homey and inviting. This could look like a flower arrangement on the coffee table, a new shelf on the wall, or a cuddly blanket thrown over a chair for easy access.

I’ve definitely inherited this trait from my mother. While growing up, our furniture arrangements shifted nearly seasonally, and we always seemed to have some painting project on the horizon.

So since getting married in October, my hubby John has had to learn a lot about these habits and desires of mine. While he certainly appreciates the end result, he is mostly confused by the many steps of the process and the time I put into each detail. (Does this sound familiar to anyone?)

placematpattern1To be honest, as we were registering for our wedding it felt like a battle because it felt as though I had to justify nearly every item to him. It’s not that he disagreed with me, it was more that he had never thought much about the need for such items as a set of serving bowls or a higher quality bookshelf (we already owned 2 bookshelves – the cheap kind used by college students) and so he needed convincing.

It’s been similar as I’ve decorated our apartment. John will question most decisions as I make them because he just doesn’t see the bigger picture. Then when it all comes together and we’re eating a meal served out of our fiestaware serving bowls with friends and surrounded by the comfortable space we’ve created, he gets it! He sees that we were able to welcome friends into our home and make the time with them special.

So as I was browsing the internet for ideas of a new project for our home, I was inspired to design knit placemats for our dining room table!

At first, I was looking for an existing pattern for placemats, but after further thought I realized there was no need to find a pattern when I could create my own design! So I cracked open one of my mom’s needlecraft stitch books and found a design called “crazy check.” I loved the way it looked like a checker board that was all wonky because of the way the stitches alternated!

placematpattern4After deciding the dimensions I was shooting for, and coming up with a rough draft of the pattern as a whole, I got cracking! In the end, I learned a few things about the gauge and realized the border was much too large. So I revised the pattern and attempted a second time to end up with a finished product!

Check back on Wednesday to download your very own Crazy Check Placemat Knit Pattern – for FREE!

placematpattern3*Side Note* Because I started working on this project this summer, that means that I finished it while here in Jacksonville, FL. I was very concerned about taking good pictures here because I don’t have access to pretty things (I’m surrounded by dorm furniture). However, as I was sipping some coffee at a local place near the beach, I looked around and realized I was sitting in the most perfect shop to take pictures! The colors in the decor matched the color of my yarn for this project!So last week in the middle of a massive rain storm, John and I found ourselves in Bold Bean Coffee Roasters taking a few quick pics of my finished placemat. Not only did the pictures turn out great, but the hot and delicious coffee was much needed after being drenched! My favorite drink there is a vanilla latte!

Courtney is a member of the GE Creative Team and is the monkey in the middle of this trio of sisters. Her degree might be in English and Spanish Education, but she’s following God’s call on her life and pursuing full time ministry with The Navigators. If she’s not crafting, reading, or hanging with her hubby, you’ll probably find her at a local coffee shop sipping her caramel latte and opening up the Bible with college women.