My First Crochet Pattern Coming Soon: Fun in the Sun Hat

I absolutely love projects that I can take with me on the road! My husband and I find ourselves driving a lot for our job with The Navigators, so I enjoy bringing needlecraft projects along to keep me busy.

We are blessed to be spending this summer in Florida, which included a very extensive car ride from the Midwest – which meant lots of time to spend on projects! Yay!

Before leaving Nebraska I was searching for some fun ideas of things to make that might be useful while in Florida. After much deliberation I landed on the idea of a crochet sun hat because not only would I be able to keep the sun off my head as I walk along the beach, but I could look cute wearing it too!

However, after many failed attempts at using a pattern, I ended up rewriting it and making it my own. (Evidence that I am my mother’s daughter!) My goal was to whip up the hat on my cross-country journey, but with the many occasions of tearing it out to start again it’s now been nearly 4 weeks and I only just began wearing the finished product!CrochetSunHat3

Now I have a sweet new hat to wear as I lounge or stroll along Jacksonville Beach, AND I’ve designed my first crochet pattern!

To celebrate this new design and the fun I had in creating it, I want to share the pattern with all of you – for FREE! Check back on Wednesday to download your free pattern!

*Update: Click here to download your own pattern!*

Courtney is a member of the GE Creative Team and is the monkey in the middle of this trio of sisters. Her degree might be in English and Spanish Education, but she’s following God’s call on her life and pursuing full time ministry with The Navigators. If she’s not crafting, reading, or hanging with her hubby, you’ll probably find her at a local coffee shop sipping her caramel latte and opening up the Bible with college women.