FREE Calendar Download: April

The FREE April Calendar Download is here!

Spring!  Praise the Lord for spring!  Away with the dead and cold (winter) and on with the new, freshness and hope we find in spring and of course in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This free April calendar download is a picture out of my files from when we owned our Bed & Breakfast.  The flower bed was one of those areas of the yard which had been weeds since the purchase of the property.  A local master gardener was purging plants from her magnificent garden and offered some to me.  Now how could I refuse.  I quickly got my spade and tiller and began tilling up this eyesore.  My mistake…I didn’t take the time to kill the weeds before I began to plant the new plants.  Rick, never let me forget it and sadly we spent many hours weeding that flowerbed over the years.  Despite the extra work, it became my favorite flowerbed.

Enjoy the tulips!

To get the free calendar background, right-click on the image below and save as your computer wallpaper. Enjoy!


 Free April Calendar for Computer Wallpaper by Grace Elizabeth's