Relaxing Bachelorette Party

I had the honor to throw a Bachelorette Party for a friend of mine this past Friday night! Because most of the bridesmaids didn’t know each other well, and my friend has had such a hectic time planning the wedding and graduating college, I decided a night in would be perfect! I planned the food and general “spa” activities, while another bridesmaid planned a game.


Spa Activities:

We filled the evening with conversation and thoughts on the coming week. The Bride especially loved the game! She was asked questions that her soon-to-be husband had already answered. It was fun to see how easy some questions were for her and how absurd other answers seemed! It reminded me of how little I knew my husband before marriage compared to what I have learned over the past year and a half! I am super excited to be a part of this girl’s special day!

Mackenzie Grace

Mackenzie is a member of the GE Creative Team and is the youngest of the trio of sisters. As a recent graduate in Family Studies, she uses her degree as the wife of a youth pastor and mentors teen girls. She’s a Nebraska girl living through North Dakota winters mostly by crocheting and sipping chai tea.